Solvent-free plastic- plastic composite equipment

Plastic flexible and efficient solvent-free compound solution using two-component solvent-free glue. No residual solvent speeds of up to 400 m/min.

Fabric-film solvent-free hot melt laminating machine

Fabric-film solvent-free hot melt laminating machine use of environmentally friendly solvent-free PUR hot melt adhesive, can fit all the necessary cloth and fabric, cloth and film and other composite materials.

Furniture panel PUR laminating equipment

PUR panel laminating machine is used in furniture, cabinets, doors, new building materials, and other areas of PUR laminating machine, PUR appressed machine, PUR laminating machine, PUR coating machine...

Shandong Increate machinery Co. Ltd is a professional manufacture which devotes to high precision laminating equipment, widely used in the high precision laminating for plastics, textile, leather, paper woodwork and other kinds of substrate materials .Cooperation enterprise with Samheung company in Korea.Our company is located in qingzhou city ,shandong province. one of the nine ancient china province . brilliant culture, convenient transportation, abundant machinery foundation.Shandong Increate machinery Co. Ltd to create value f..[More]

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